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Located in the Historic Elmwood Village in Downtown Buffalo, our team at Santarpia Law is dedicated to providing the utmost level of care in a variety of practice areas.

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For over twenty-five years Sabatino (Sabby) Santarpia, Esq., has been in private practice, providing high-quality legal services for the Buffalo area and surrounding communities


Our location in Downtown Buffalo allows us to serve the Buffalo-Niagara region with a personalized approach tailored specific to this community. Our close-knit team will ensure proper communication throughout our representation.


Mr. Santarpia's experience in criminal and civil litigation at the state and federal level coupled with extensive work in settlements and mediation makes him an excellent resource for you no matter what your situation calls for.

About Santarpia Law


Over the years, Sabatino Santarpia, Esq. has achieved an impressive reputation for his knowledge of the law, zealous representation, treatment of his clients, and above all else, the compassion and attention he gives to each individual matter.

Mr. Santarpia’s clients consistently express their appreciation for his thorough understanding of the local legal landscape, as well as his sense of compassion, personal attention to their case and positive results.

Our Practice Area

Mr. Santarpia handles a wide array of legal matters. He has an extensive background in criminal law and understands the anxiety and frustration experienced by those in the midst of complex criminal cases.

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Why People Choose Us

Our client-centered approach ensures that your priorities are always first.

Limited Caseloads

Our exclusive caseload ensures the utmost attention to detail.


Our team is streamlined to ensure effective communication throughout your representation.


Our team strives for effective and prompt communication  relating to your matter.

Proven Track record

Santarpia Law demonstrates excellence in achieving favorable outcomes for our clients. 

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