At Santarpia Law, we recognize that divorce is one of life’s most challenging experiences, encompassing a range of emotions and complex legal issues. Our team is experienced in dedicating you through this difficult process with sensitivity and understanding. We firmly believe in the power of negotiation and settlement to resolve divorce matters amicably. We understand that courtroom battles can further escalate tensions and prolong the emotional strain of the parties involved. Our approach prioritizes finding peaceful and mutually beneficial resolutions through mediation and collaborative processes. No matter which route you take, we emphasize open communication by providing you with clear and honest advice about your legal options. We will listen attentively to your concerns, answer your questions, and offer guidance every step of the way.

What are my options for divorce in new york?


Santarpia Law provides couples who are seeking a divorce the unique option of working with a licensed psychologist who specializes in conflict resolution for couples and families. Santarpia Law in conjunction with Conflict Solutions, LLC provides divorce mediation in the Buffalo-Niagara region to resolve all outstanding issues while realizing the end goal of obtaining a final and legal divorce.

Divorce mediation is based on the principle of self-determination by the divorcing couples. Mediation assists couples in dissolving their marriage with dignity and respect in a cost-effective manner. By providing this mediation component, a couple can obtain a divorce amicably while keeping the overall cost to a minimum. For families, the mediation component can insure and maintain a good co-parenting partnership that allows for your children to be safe, healthy, and well-adjusted in the future.

Sabby Santarpia, Esq. and Susan Santarpia Ph.D., ABSNP, BCN of Conflict Solutions LLC know what it takes to dissolve a marriage with dignity and respect and how to maintain a good co-parenting partnership that allows for best outcome for all parties involved. They were once married and are now divorced, and have maintained a supportive and nurturing relationship with each other and their two daughters for almost two decades. They are uniquely qualified in the Buffalo area to help you and your family get through this process in a healthy and positive way.

Uncontested divorce

 Most people going through a divorce would like to do it as painlessly as possible, and that can be most effectively done by working out an agreement with your partner behind closed doors. If you and your former partner can come to terms regarding the separation of assets, living arrangements, custody, or other issues, the court need not be involved at all. Whatever agreement you have will be legally binding, and it keeps the circumstances and outcome of your divorce private. Mr. Santarpia can facilitate your uncontested divorce by addressing all necessary issues to effectively draft a Property Settlement and Separation Agreement, and navigate through the Court to obtain a legal and final divorce.

Contested Divorce Litigation

While most everyone would like to think they can work out the details of their divorce with their soon-to-be ex-spouse, reality isn’t always so simple. When one of you wants a divorce, and the other doesn’t, or when you cannot work out an agreement when it come to assets, the debate may have to go to court. Taking a divorce to court is in your best interest any time you believe that the outcome of mediation will result in you having to compromise more than you want to or if mediation would produce an amount that is less than your rightful share of assets. Mr. Santarpia will help you go through your finances and assets, and determine what you can expect to receive in accordance with the law. If your ex-partner will not agree to this in mediation, Mr. Santarpia will take the matter to court, fighting for your fair share.

Divorce is something no one wants to go through, but that a large number of individuals face every year. Our team at Santarpia Law serves the Buffalo-Niagara region with diligence in order to make the divorce process as painless as possible, informing you of all of your options to ensure you receive the representation you deserve.

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